Accountex USA | September 5-6, 2019 | Hynes Convention Center | Boston, MA

Integra Global Solutions

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Integra Global Solutions

We create “robots” to automate processes in the accounting industry. Our robots or digital workers are used to automate repetitive manual tasks. Companies that use our robots typically achieve

• 92% compliance improvement
• 86% productivity increase
• 59% cost savings

We build robots specific to your organization and process. Our robots work with all the accounting industry software. Our robots can be used in

• Accounts payable/receivable
• Compliance & reporting
• Transaction processing
• Reconciliation
• Credit checks
• Foreign exchange
• Journal entries and more

Through automation you can eliminate wasted hours on repetitive tasks (and switch your staff to handle value added tasks). You do not need to change existing software and hardware infrastructure (Our robots will use your current software and IT hardware).

Our automation solution is cheaper than you think and can be implemented in a matter of weeks. Typically, the ROI is achieved in less than 12 months.


  • Accounting Add-on
  • Business Intelligence
  • Industry Solutions
  • OCR/Data Entry
  • Practice Management