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Working with Excel Power Query & Power Pivot + Power BI Desktop $

04 Sep 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Working with Excel Power Query & Power Pivot + Power BI Desktop $

If you have heard of Excel’s Power Query and Power Pivot but aren’t exactly sure what they are or what they do, this workshop is for you. We will dig into Power Query and Power Pivot and see what they do and how they work together. Plus, we’ll look at the free standalone desktop application called Power BI which incorporates the same technology behind Power Query and Power Pivot. In summary, these tools are designed to help users get and transform source data, organize and relate multiple data tables, and write formulas that will be used in a report (PivotTable, PivotChart). These tools are sure to help you get your work done faster!
A laptop is not required to work along, however, attendees who would like to are invited to bring a laptop. The files used by the presenter will be made available for download. Please note: class time will be spent teaching how to use these tools, not how to install them. So, if you’d like to bring your laptop, be sure to have Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI installed in advance as there isn’t time available during the workshop to troubleshoot the installation of these tools.

Please also note that Power Query and Power Pivot are not available in all Excel versions, so, if you plan to bring your laptop be sure to investigate this before the workshop.

Pre-Registration is required for this 1/2 day workshop

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