Accountex USA | August 22 – 23, 2018 | Hynes Convention Center | Boston, MA

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Over 15 years in information security space; began career with military and National Security Agency cyberintelligence groups including two intelligence-related missions to Iraq; chief security office for Fortune 1000 company; founder of security firm with over 140 employees; thought leader and expert in cybersecurity field frequently on national news; best-selling author on cybersecurity. Dave’s firm works with three of the Fortune 500 and 60% to 70% of the Fortune 1000 companies as well as small to medium-size businesses.

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What Is Cybersecurity? Why Should I Be Concerned?
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With technology embedded in everything we do, hackers and fraudsters have more avenues than ever to launch attacks. Today, spam and antivirus software are no longer enough. Dave Kennedy outlines steps you can take to avoid phishing scams, mitigate exposure to malicious code, and spot suspicious emails and “communications in the middle” fraud. Your computer is a direct conduit into your company’s data — and that of your customers. Learn how implementing 2-factor authentication and other procedures can protect your firm.

Why Should Accounting Firms Be Concerned About Cybersecurity?
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Accounting firms are special targets for cyber hackers due to their very valuable data on vendors, customers, and how and where money is spent — data that can be sold on the black market or used in blackmail attempts. Ransomware and other attacks on smaller accounting firms are significantly on the rise. Operating in the cloud does not exempt accounting firms from the need to conduct vendor due diligence. Dave Kennedy outlines the steps small accounting firms can take to protect customer and financial data.

Preview of David Kennedy's Keynote at Accountex 2018
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Preview of Dave Kennedy’s keynote address at Accountex 2018 in Boston, August 22-23. What are the latest developments and challenges in the data security arena and what steps should you implement to protect your firm and your customers’ data? As a trusted advisor, learn how to address your clients’ security concerns through penetration tests and other cost-effective procedures — while gaining a competitive advantage by being known for implementing the latest data security best practices at your own firm.

Join “Inspector Gadget” – David Cieslak of Arxis Technology – as he shares cutting edge tech trends and the hottest gear that every user will want to consider in the months ahead.

"Get & Transform" in Excel: A Powerful Tool for Importing and Manipulating Data

Microsoft Certified Trainer Jeff Lenning shares practical applications for the “Get & Transform” tool in Excel, like how to use as an alternative to VLOOKUP list comparisons, an automated way to flatten and format data, a method for un-pivoting summarized data, an easy solution for merging several CSV export files into one, and more.

Fraud in the Cloud: New Risks in a New Environment

Randy Johnston discusses some of the new risks associated with cloud solutions, as well as some techniques which can be used to limit these risks.

5 Ways to Build a Profitable Client Accounting Service Practice

In this podcast with Stephen King, you’ll come away with information to enable you to create a solid human capital strategy that will significantly increase your profitability.

Concealing Fraud in Financial Statements

Join Allan Bachman as he provides a brief overview of how fraud can be disguised in both numbers and words in audited financial statements.

Break the Mold! Build Your Brand with Video Marketing

In this podcast, Joanne DelBalso discusses what it takes to create brand-building videos, including the equipment you’ll need, the SEO secrets of YouTube videos, and how to capitalize on latest trends of the mobile live streaming apps of Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Marketing Essentials to Grow Your Business

Kacee Johnson discusses seven essentials of your marketing strategy to select the right specialization, create the correct messaging, find better prospects, and close more sales.